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Revive is an inner healing ministry with a difference. Merging professional counselling with prayer ministry, we are devoted to helping people find lasting freedom with a safe, professional service. Revive takes the ethical standards and extensive training from the professional counselling arena and adds life changing encounters with God to bring lasting freedom and healing.
We offer a range of services from counselling and prayer ministry to seminars and training for your church or group.
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Escape from Egypt: A Pathway to Freedom for Women is a “now” word for Christian women and the Body of Christ.

Like the Israelites in Egypt, many women live in bondage to a counterfeit authority, stripping them of their God-given freedom and power. Shame, false guilt, manipulation and intimidation keep many silent and submitted to ungodly authority.

This book is a wake-up call for the Body of Christ and an invitation to participate in what the Lord is doing. It’s time for the Church to expose the lies and partner with Jesus to bring women out from under the yoke that’s kept them from fulfilling their God-given destinies.

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There are a number of things that militate against intimacy with God. Many Christians do not really believe that such a close and personal relationship with Him is really possible. Others are still locked in an old covenant mindset and tend to relate to God through human mediators, reducing Christianity to a second-hand religion.

In her book Above All Else Wendy Hayes identifies and addresses these and other heart issues which rob Christians of their fellowship 

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