Revive Your Heart

Introduction to Inner Healing

This model of inner healing is an experiential, identity focused approach. Very many Christians say they feel a disconnect between their head and their heart. They know truth cognitively, but struggle to experience that truth on an emotional level. This course will explain what is happening to cause that dynamic and help you move forward in your journey of intimacy with God. 

We will discover the scriptural basis for inner healing and address common areas of struggle. This model of inner healing and deliverance blends power encounters with God with the latest developments in Christian trauma therapy to bring a truly holistic and safe ministry approach. 

There will be opportunities to receive prayer and healing ministry during the seminar. 

This interactive training is delivered both as a two day live workshop and 8 week online course. 

Topics Covered:

  • Theology of Inner Healing
  • Restored Identity
  • Truth as a Model of Deliverance
  • The Role of the Mind
  • Forgiveness
  • The Role of Emotions
  • Freedom from Manipulation
  • Freedom from Intimidation
  • Freedom from Shame

“Thank you so much for these last 8 weeks. I have found that each week I have been touched so deeply and profoundly that I have felt almost overwhelmed and difficult to process until later. Each week the topic has touched on something that has mirrored what I have been going through to some degree.”

Revive Your Heart Course Participant