Identity Based Inner Healing

The primary goals of Identity based inner healing are:

  • To establish the believer in an intimate connection with their Heavenly Father
  • To bring the believer into the revelation of their identity as a son or daughter of God

Many of the issues that Christians are seeking freedom from are symptoms of a disconnection with their Heavenly Father. Rather than merely focusing on the presenting issues, our ministry will go to the core of the problem, resulting in lasting freedom. Attempting to get our deepest needs of significance, security and belonging met without an intimate connection with Father God tends to be at the root of so much of our unwanted behaviour and emotional problems.

Many believers are frustrated, knowing that although they know in their minds what the bible says about the love of God and who they are as sons and daughters, this reality is not able to be experienced on an emotional level.

We pick up our view of who God is from a number of sources throughout childhood and into our adult life from our father, male authority figures, teachers and church leaders. It is common for us to be totally unaware of the false beliefs about who God is and who we are as His child as they are held at a heart level and not in conscious minds.  Identity based inner healing focuses on removing the blockages to intimacy with God through truth encounters and the deep healing of trauma which is led by the Holy Spirit.

We minister from the perspective that behaviour follows belief so rather than focusing on people repenting from sin, the focus is on renewing the mind with truth.

Sin is primarily the result of an attempt to have a legitimate need met in a way outside of God’s set parameters. For Christians, this is usually due to false beliefs about how to get needs met which have been programmed in early in life or through life’s hurts and experiences.

Foundations of Identity Based Inner Healing

  • We believe that behavior follows belief hence we focus on mind renewal to bring about a change in behaviour.
  • We presume a christians righteousness not sinfulness and seek to help them see who they truly are.
  • We believe that sin is primarily an attempt to meet legitimate needs outside of God, hence a restored connection to Father God so needs can be met through Him and revelation of truth will result in a change of behaviour.
  • Many mental health and emotional problems are caused by fear and trauma which can be healed through an intimate connection with Father God.

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