Heart Revive Skills Training


This interactive training is for those who desire to help others find emotional and spiritual freedom through inner healing and deliverance. This training builds on the knowledge base taught in the Revive Your Heart Training and introduces practical approaches to facilitate healing of the heart and spiritual breakthrough. It is offered as a live two day workshop or 8 week online training. We recommend that you complete the Revive Your Heart training before attending this training.

Please note that this training will require participants to practice the skills on other participants as well as have other participants practice on them. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the personal characteristics of an effective facilitator.
  • Be able to help others build an interactive connection with the Godhead.
  • Understand the process and protocols of memory work.
  • Lead others in removing lies and healing wounds which are blocking intimate connection with the Godhead.
  • Lead others through the process of heart forgiveness.
  • Lead others in releasing painful emotions.
  • Lead others through prayers to bring healing and freedom in the areas of the occult, sexual issues and fear.
  • Lead others in overcoming protective mechanisms which are hindering intimacy with God.


Topics Covered:

  • Building an interactive Connection.
  • Healing Memories.
  • Truth & Lies.
  • Removing blockages to Forgiveness.
  • Enemy Gateways.
  • Defence Mechanisms.
  • Starting a Session.


Coming Up

Online Training - 8 Week Course
Commencing Wednesday 7th October 2020

Time: 1pm - 3pm
Where: Online
Cost: $150
Registration Information: wendy@reviveministries.com.au

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