Healing for the Heart Training


This interactive training is for those who desire to help others find emotional and spiritual freedom through healing to the heart.  This training builds on the knowledge base taught in the Revive Your Heart Training and introduces practical approaches to facilitate healing of the heart and spiritual breakthrough. It is offered as an 8 week online training.

Please note that this training has a large practical component which involves giving and receiving ministry with other group participants. 

Topics Covered

  • How to build an interactive connection with God.
  • Using the Prophetic in a session.
  • Overcoming blockages to hearing from God.
  • Understand the process and protocols of memory work.
  • Helping others forgive from the heart.
  • Lead others in releasing painful emotions.
  • Lead others in overcoming protective mechanisms which are hindering intimacy with God.
  • Dealing with spiritual issues in a session.


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