Domestic violence awareness workshop

We live in a society where I in 6 women and 1 in 16 men experience physical or sexual violence from a current or previous cohabiting partner.

This is not someone else’s problem. It is a community issue and for change to happen, we all need to play our part. Research indicates that Christians are more likely to open up to pastors or leaders than with helping professionals regarding abuse at home. Having church communities that understand the best way to respond to such disclosures will go a long way toward protecting families from abuse.

Those who have been affected by childhood abuse and trauma are more vulnerable to abuse in their adult lives. With a leadership that understands why this phenomn exists and knows how to protect against re-victimisation, our church communities can become even more powerful in facilitating healing and empowerment.

Whether you have been directly impacted by domestic violence or not, come and join us as we learn how to create a safer community for families.

On completing this workshop you will:

  • Understand why “she (or he) doesn’t just leave”.
  • Know how to create a safer community culture.
  • Help Christians overcome barriers to protecting themselves against abuse.
  • Know how to help someone you suspect may be in an abusive relationship.
  • Know how to respond to someone who reports domestic violence.
  • Know how to build a trauma-informed culture.

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