Pastoral Counselling

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process where the counsellor contracts to help the person explore, understand and find resolution for problems in everyday life and relationships. The counsellor provides emotional support, encourages personal growth and helps the client try out new ways of behaving or dealing with difficult situations. The client and counsellor work together to set the agenda and goals for change.

 What is Therapy?

Therapy deals with more deep-seated issues that may be behind emotional disorders such as anxiety, phobia, PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder), addictions or relational difficulties etc. It involves going to the root of personal problems and rebuilding the person’s self-esteem, freeing them from insecurities and the effects of emotional wounds of childhood. It is usually a longer process than counselling and has the goal of resolving painful emotions. It can be carried out at the same time as other forms of treatment, such as medication or psychiatric services, and there are times when a counsellor may refer someone to other sources of treatment in addition to therapy.

The counsellor can also offer you assistance in connecting with God in your healing journey. Spiritual interventions such as Heartsync, Theophostic Prayer Ministry and other forms of prayer ministry are available if you desire them, but there is no pressure to conform to any particular denominational teaching or doctrine. Services are available for all, regardless of culture, race or religious differences.

Zoom or Telehealth sessions are available on request.


$100 per hour session
$150 per 90 minute session


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