Empowerment for Christian Women

Beauty is an 8 week small group program

To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,

Isaiah 61:3

Navigating submission to authority in a healthy way is no easy task. This course brings clarity as to what is Kingdom authority and helps you find empowerment within key relationships.

This program will help you develop a biblical perspective of boundaries, authority, and help you heal from the impact of childhood trauma and abuse.

Through education, practical tools, and Holy Spirit encounters, the Beauty Group Program facilitates healing from past trauma and protection against disrespectful relationships.

Beauty utilitses:

  • Biblical teaching
  • Holy Spirit encounters
  • Education
  • Practical tools & strategies

To help women:

  • Heal from past trauma
  • Recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Increase intimacy with God
  • Be freed from shame and guilt
  • Put healthy boundaries in place

I came into the beauty course thinking I had dealt with a lot of the abuse i had endured as a younger person.  What I found was truly the exchange of beauty from the ashes of my past.  Father gently highlighted areas that were still bruised or in some cases raw and lovingly applied salve and once again restored new layers.Beauty is a wonderful example of prophetic love being transferred from heaven to earth through the facility of training material.  I have gained much insight from Wendy’s love and dependence of Father and her heart to liberate others from bondage.Highly recommend it for an encounter and for wonderful revelation of who He is.

Course Participant

I found this program to be liberating. It highlighted areas in my life that needed healing, for example I had been unaware of the amount of ’shame’ that was my normal. What was amazing though was that  it did not only highlight these areas, but gave me tools to be able to gain freedom with relative ease. I would highly recommend this program.

Course Participant

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